Worker's Compensation: Physical Therapy Related Expenses To Include In Your Claim

Have you been injured on the job under a worker's compensation claim and are in need of continuing physical therapy? Physical therapy can be a very important part to a full recovery of an injury or accident. It is very important to understand your rights for compensation, especially when it comes to physical therapy, which often involves many appointments and related expenses. Here's what you need to know in the meantime.

Compensation for the billing of out-of-network appointments

Your employer will offer (or have available) physicians and therapists they want you to go to under your worker's compensation claim. When you use these providers, the bills for the services will be automatically handled directly by the worker's compensation insurance. You won't have to worry about receiving bills.

However, it is your right to go to any medical facility, physician, and/or physical therapist that you want to choose. But know that sometimes the worker's compensation insurance company may not always cover the costs of your personal choices of medical treatment and physical therapy. Therefore, you may find yourself in need of a worker's compensation attorney who can make sure your medical expenses are covered under your claim.

Compensation for missed time at work due to appointments

You should never have to suffer loss due to your need of attending physical therapy while under an open worker's compensation claim. For example, if your appointments are scheduled during your work day and you need to leave work early or miss a few hours to attend a physical therapy session, you may have time deducted from your payroll hours. Due to this, be sure to keep records so you can receive compensation for the missing hours. Keep your pay stubs and have your therapist sign a log showing your arrival and departure times for each appointment.

Compensation for travel expenses to and from appointments

Travel expenses to and from your appointments should also be factored into the compensation of your claim. The burden of these expenses does not belong to you when your accident at work was due to the fault of your employer's negligence. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a travel log of your trips to your physical therapist appointments, especially if you need many physical therapy appointments due to your injury. While each time you travel may be negligible, it can accumulate to a substantial amount over time, even if it's just a few quarters in a parking meter.

Also, factor in the wear and tear of your vehicle. All additional miles to and from appointments could impact your vehicle. Fortunately, your worker's compensation attorney can determine the amount of compensation due to you for the wear and tear on your vehicle based on a predetermined mileage rate set by the IRS for medical expenses, which is 23 cents per mile for 2015.

Compensation for other related expenses

There may be other expenses to consider as well, such as the need for child care so you can attend your physical therapy sessions. Child care expenses can also accumulate to a substantial amount over time, so be sure to keep adequate records of these expenses. For these types of expenses, you will need to pay them out of your pocket and be reimbursed for them from your worker's compensation claim.

If your physical therapist recommends that you use any aids, such as a special type of shoe or a hand rail for your shower at home, these expenses should also be compensated for. Be sure to get these types of recommendations in writing so you have proof that your therapist suggested the items as part of your recovery process.

It's important to keep records, receipts, and bills for everything related to your worker's compensation claim. Your attorney will be able to use these records in your favor as he or she battles for your cause and seeks reimbursement for your injury and all the expenses that are related.

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