Why Do You Need a Car-Accident Attorney?

So, you've been in a car accident? What comes next? After reporting the accident to your insurance carrier, your next best step is to get yourself an attorney who can help you. If you aren't sure why you need an attorney, check out these four important reasons.

They Help Determine Your Liability

Car accidents aren't always cut and dry. One driver isn't always 100 percent responsible. In fact, even if you, your attorney, and your insurance company agree you aren't liable at all, the other driver's insurance company may disagree. If this happens, and you're on your own, what do you do? You can't just argue with the insurance company until they change their mind.

If you have an attorney, however, they will determine whether you are responsible and how much you are responsible. Your lawyer has a skilled team to investigate the accident on your behalf. They'll talk to witnesses, read police reports, and look at any other important information to prove you weren't responsible or were only partially responsible. This means you're more likely to get what you're owed if there were injures to you or damage to your car.

They'll Talk with the Insurance Company

Even if you get in a minor fender bender, you're going to get a lot of calls from the insurance companies. If you've been injured, expect even more calls and paperwork to handle. You don't have time for that, and if you've been seriously injured, you're probably more focused on recovery than on talking to insurance providers. Plus, one of the biggest reasons the insurance company will contact you is to get you to agree on a settlement. Do you know how much you are owed? Probably not, but a lawyer does.

If you have an attorney on your side, they will speak to the insurance carrier for you. You'll only talk to them or sign documents when it's necessary. The best part of having a lawyer on your side when dealing with insurance is they have the know how to get you a fair settlement. They'll send the carrier a demand letter. This demand letter will include all the facts, medical expenses, and so forth.

They Gather Information on Your Injury

If you have been injured, you'll want to seek medical help immediately. Start treatment fast and stick to it. This is because the insurance provider or the court (if you sue) will want to see all your medical-expense information to determine the extent of your injuries.

Having a lawyer makes all this a breeze because your attorney will do it for you. They'll talk with your doctors and get all your records, files, and so forth. Even better, your attorney can look at the information and determine whether it will be enough to get your settlement. For example, they may decide you should probably see a neurologist because of some of your injuries. This streamlines the process so you don't have to keep going to different doctors because the courts or insurance companies don't think you've seen the right doctors.

They'll Get You Ready for a Lawsuit

Sometimes, a lawsuit is necessary if you have major injuries. This means you'll be heading to court, and even though you're the victim with major pain, you're going to have some questions to answer. Some are basic items of personal information, such as your name. Others are more complicated to answer, such as what the weather conditions were the day of the accident.

You may not be expecting a lot of the questions to fly at you when you can't remember the answers off the top of your head. This impacts your case and makes you look deceitful. Your attorney knows what is likely to be asked and will prepare you so you have your answers ready ahead of time.

You've been in a car accident, so don't let yourself suffer any longer. Get a skilled car-accident attorney who can do all the work for you and ensure you get a settlement you deserve. For more information, contact an auto-accident attorney in your area today. 

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