3 Tips For Making Sure Your Trademark Application Goes Through Quickly

If you are working on putting through a trademark location, here are three tips that will help ensure that your trademark goes through quickly and without any issues.

#1 Make Sure Your Trademark Is Distinctive

You need to make sure that your trademark is distinctive. You want your trademark is an image, name, or symbol that is really unique. Make sure that you are using a made-up word or a word that not typically associated with the product that you are selling or is suggestive without being direct. If your trademark name describes your product or uses a location or is too generic, you are going to struggle to get it trademarked.

The most distinctive and unique your trademark name is, the more likely it will be approved without any hassle. An experienced trademark attorney should be able to help you determine how strong and distinctive your trademark is.

#2 Make Sure Your Trademark Isn't Too Similar

Next, you need to make sure that your trademark is not similar to any other business that already exists. For example, if you run a coffee place, you are not likely to be granted a trademark for StarMoney, because it sounds too similar to one of the largest coffee companies on the market.

If you are not sure if your name is too similar to other trademark business names, run a few Google searches to find out if there is any name similar that your potential trademark could be confused with that are in the same market as you.

#3 Make Sure You Are Using Your Trademark

Finally, make sure that you are already using your trademark. Get your business name out there, and use it on your website and in your store. If you file a trademark that is already being used in commerce instead of with the intent to use, you will cut down the number of steps that it will take you to get your trademark running.

When you file with an intent to use for a trademark, you have to file a Statement of Work once your trademark is approved for it to be official. When you are already using your trademark for business purposes, you can file it as a commercial trademark, which will allow you to put it to use a lot faster than if you just file for an intent to use. Be sure to discuss this step with a trademark attorney like Lingbeck Law Office to ensure that making a commercial trademark application is the best move for you. 

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