Six Cybersecurity Mistakes That Business Travelers Need To Avoid

Those who frequently travel domestically and internationally for business put themselves up against some unique cybersecurity risks. Fortunately, frequent business travelers can keep their electronic data safe wherever they go by avoiding the following six cyber security mistakes.

Frequently using public Wifi

Public Wifi networks can put you at risk of having your computer or phone hacked. Free Wifi networks are often unencrypted, and this means that they allow anyone to easily infiltrate them and potentially gain access to other devices that are connected to them. 

If you're staying at a hotel with a free Wifi network, you might want to look into the network's security protocol and determine whether or not it is unencrypted before using it.

Leaving the Wifi auto-connect feature on when using mobile devices

A lot of smartphones have an auto-connect feature that will immediately connect them to free networks or networks for which they have already been connected whenever they are in range.

It's best to disable this feature because it will connect you to these networks when you don't even know about it. The auto-connect feature leaves your network connections out of your control and could cause you to unknowingly connect to an unsafe network. 

Neglecting to put a lock down feature in effect on laptops and cell phones

Every device you have should have a lock down feature that requires a password or even a more stringent security feature to allow a user to access it. This way, you can keep intruders out of your device if you need to leave it sitting in an office for a period of time. 

Neglecting to regularly update operating systems

Operating system updates typically include new security features that create a defense against any updates in hacker technology that have taken place since your last operating system was installed.

Keeping up on these updates will keep your devices current when it comes to anti-virus protection. 

Not having a good anti-virus protection software put on laptops and cell phones

Investing in a good anti-virus program is especially important for business travelers. If you travel for business, then you regularly put yourself in unfamiliar environments and you don't know all of the people you come into contact with well.

Contact the manufacturer of your devices or consult with a cybersecurity or IT professional to find the best program for your unique needs. 

Keeping bluetooth connectivity enabled all the time

In addition to Wifi networks, bluetooth connectivity is another possible channel through which hackers can potentially access your data. When you travel, you should always disable bluetooth connectivity except when you specifically need to use it for something. 

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