Times In Which You Should Hire A Civil Rights Attorney

It is important to make sure that you know your rights, as well as know when it is time to hire a civil rights attorney to protect yourself. By hiring a civil rights attorney, you can also try to receive some sort of closure on the injustices that were done to you, and to help ensure that no one else will have to go  through what you went through. Still not sure of what situations may call for the hiring of a civil rights attorney, keep reading.

You Have Been Terminated From Your Employment Due To Discrimination

Even if the employer officially put on your termination papers that you were fired for another reason, if there are witnesses to an event that lead to your firing, you might have a case for discrimination. This is why you will need a civil rights attorney. Your employer, even if you reside in a state that allows employment termination at-will, is not protected from firing people due to discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexuality. If your employer made a mockery of you or blatantly told you that you were being fired because of your religion or race, and there are witnesses, you may have a solid case.

You Were The Victim Of Unreasonable Search And Seizures

To search your pockets, your home, or your vehicle, a police officer needs to either have a search warrant that was signed by a judge, or your verbal permission to conduct the search. Any official that searches your body or your personal property without either of those things has drastically violated the law and your civil rights. You will want to get in contact with a civil rights attorney right away so this injustice committed by that officer or the police department does not continue.

You Have Been Physically Or Verbally Abused By A Public Figure

This includes instances such as a mayor attacking you because you took a stand at a town hall meeting to voice your concerns, which is within your legal right to do so. Whether the abuse is verbal or physical, the public figure is to be held at higher standards and obligations than a private citizen. You will need to get in contact with a civil rights attorney right away.

Should you ever find that you have faced such issues, you will want to make sure that you are quickly locating one of the civil rights attorneys in your area, such as from the Law Offices Of Timothy O'Brien. The more experienced the attorney is, the more likely he or she will be able to help your case and get you the best possible outcome from the legal  action you are about to take.

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