Avoid These Headaches By Settling Your Personal Injury Case Before Trial

When you're pursuing legal action following an injury, your attorney will likely talk to you about the advantages of accepting a settlement offer instead of going to trial. The biggest reason to do so is that you'll get your money faster, which may be necessary if you haven't been able to work in the wake of your injury. A trial can also be more costly, and while your personal injury attorney usually isn't paid until you win, you'll end up with less money in your pocket. There are many other reasons that a settlement instead of going to trial is a smart choice, including these three points.

You'll Have Information Dug Up About You

A trial is sure to bring up a lot of details about the injury, but also about you. In an effort to get favorable results in the courtroom, the other party's investigators and attorneys will reveal things that they've learned about you. Not everyone has a squeaky-clean history, and if you've had something unfavorable in your past, there's a significant chance that it will come up at trial. For example, perhaps you were injured in the past and exaggerated the extent of the injury, only to be caught fabricating the truth. This is a detail that will almost certainly come up at trial, and that will leave you feeling embarrassed.

You May Get Publicity

Because trials are usually public, some publicity may come out of your legal proceedings. If you live in a small town and the nature of your injury is noteworthy, local media count attend the trial. You may be a private person and not be in favor of seeing coverage about your affairs on television and in the local newspaper. Should you win a financial settlement in court, this amount will be published, too, which is something that you might not want people to know.

You May Be Emotionally Drained

When you're already in the difficult position of attempting to recover from your injury, you want to be able to focus the majority of your energy on this process. Going to court day after day, in some cases, can be a draining process that may even get in the way of your recovery. A nice thing about taking a settlement is that you can go about your everyday life, including taking care of your injury recovery, while your attorney works for you.

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