Liability For Trampoline Injuries

Jumping on a trampoline is both one of the most exciting and dangerous leisure activity for kids. However, just because it's dangerous, doesn't mean that you have no legal course for redress if your kid should get injured in a trampoline. Here are some of the people who may be liable for your child's trampoline injuries:

The Owner of the Trampoline

In most cases, the owner of a trampoline has the responsibility of protecting other people from being injured by the trampoline. For example, a homeowner should fence their trampoline so that children can't sneak into the property and use the trampoline without supervision. It may also be necessary to ensure that an adult is always present when kids are using the trampoline. A trampoline owner, be they an individual or business, who fails to take these safety measures will be liable for the injuries their negligence may cause.

Other Trampoline Users

There are also cases where users of the trampoline may cause injury to one another. If that is the case, then the person responsible for the injury is the one to compensate your child's damages. Note that you may be out of luck here if the person who caused the injury is a minor and they were acting according to their age. However, you may succeed with lodging a claim against the minor's parents if there was something they could have done to prevent the accident, for example, by supervising their child better.

The Manufacturer of the Trampoline

Although it is rare, it is still possible for a trampoline to be defectively manufactured. If such a defect should cause injury to your child, then the retailer who sold you the trampoline or the manufacturer of the trampoline, among other potentially liable parties, may be liable for your injuries. A good example here is if a trampoline is designed with a weak section that fails prematurely and causes your child to fall and injure themselves.

A Caretaker

If your child was injured at an institution's trampoline, then the institution as a whole or the caretaker who was taking or was supposed to take care of the child may also be liable for the damages. For example, if your child is injured in a daycare, then the daycare or the daycare staff member who was supposed to supervise the child may be liable for the injuries.

Consult a personal injury attorney like those at Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith, P.L.L.C. if your child has been injured in a trampoline accident. The lawyer will help you figure out if there is someone you may be able to hold liable for the damages.

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