Did You Speed And Cause A Motorcycle Accident With A Passenger?

Motorcycles are a fun and exciting way to get around, but can be dangerous to drive if you aren't safe. For example, you may injure a passenger by driving too fast and getting into an accident. However, there are defenses you can utilize to protect yourself in this scenario.

Passengers In A Motorcycle Accident May Sue The Driver

Injuries caused to a passenger in this type of motorcycle accident are often considered the fault of the driver. This fact is particularly true if there was only one vehicle in the accident – the motorcycle – and if the driver was behaving unsafely, such as driving too fast, before the crash. For example, if a motorcycle driver was driving over the speed limit during a snow storm, which is clearly dangerous, before they crashed, a passenger may be able to sue the driver. 

Such actions are known as endangering the passenger and are typically enough to pin this type of crash directly on the driver. Driving too fast is particularly an issue here because it reduces a driver's reaction time and, therefore, puts the passenger at increased risk.

Defenses In This Type Of Case

If you were speeding while driving a motorcycle and a passenger was injured, the only real defense available is to argue that the passenger was being more neglectful than you and that their actions somehow contributed to the crash. This defense focuses on creating a case that proves your speeding wasn't the main cause for the accident.

However, a passenger simply egging you on to drive fast doesn't count, even if you were only driving fast to please them. As the driver, you are responsible for ignoring such dangerous suggestions and must drive carefully to protect the life of your passenger. Therefore, the passenger must have done something very distracting to cause the crash.

For example, you may have been speeding on an open highway but had total control of the situation. However, the passenger panicked and grabbed your arms, which made it impossible for you to drive carefully. They may also have yelled at you to slow down so loudly that you were startled and accidentally lost control.

However, these success of these kinds of defenses will vary depending on the quality of your lawyer and their ability to argue your point. So don't hesitate to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to learn more about how you can protect yourself in these types of cases.

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