Two Ways Pregnancy Can Complicate A Worker's Compensation Claim

The modern-day woman typically works while she is pregnant, and many women stay on the job until just before they give birth. However, if you are pregnant, and you get injured on the job, it can make your worker's compensation claim a little more complex than the average employee. Pregnancy is a medical condition in itself; complications due to an injury can be far more severe for a pregnant woman then they can be for the average employee. Take a look at some of the ways pregnancy can complicate a worker's compensation claim.

Getting injured while you're pregnant can mean that more time off of work is required.

Worker's compensation claims that require longer periods of time off of work to recuperate can sometimes bring about more of a possibility that the worker's comp insurance company will give you a hard time. Unfortunately, women who are pregnant and have sustained an injury may need a little more time to recuperate than what is considered normal, which means there may be more of a chance that the employer or the insurance company balks at the idea of paying for the extended time off.

If you're pregnant, have been injured on the job, and you are getting a lot of resistance because of how long recovery is taking, it is best to talk to an attorney for advice. Not allowing you enough time to fully recuperate as a pregnant woman is not fair treatment. 

Employers have to make arrangements for you to work in a safe atmosphere in your condition.

There are special regulations that protect women who are pregnant at work. If you are working in a job role that is not all that safe for you in your condition, your employer has a legal responsibility to make arrangements for you. Whether they offer you a desk job or place you in a different department, these things should be done freely and without argument, if you ask.

For example, if you work in a department where there is a lot of heavy lifting required and you ask to be moved, your employer must do so in a timely manner to prevent you from harming yourself or your unborn child. If you were injured on the job due to your employer's failure to make special arrangements for you, you definitely need to speak with an attorney, even if you do file a worker's comp claim and everything seems to go smoothly. 

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