Getting Divorced? Don't Make The Following Mistakes

Are you planning to get divorced? If so, know that there are many mistakes that can be made during the process. You'll want to avoid doing the following 3 things.

Moving Out Of Your Home

Many people want to get out of their home as soon as possible when they finally decide that they want to get divorced. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake due to what moving out implies. The biggest problem is that it can imply that you do not want the house. Moving out makes it look like you are fine with your spouse having the home, and you deciding to move out can say that you want your spouse to live there while you want to find somewhere else to live.

Moving out also implies that you can financially support yourself when living on your own. If you will be seeking spousal support, moving out could negatively impact how much you'll receive for future spousal support payments.

You may also imply that you do not want to keep custody of your kids if you move out prematurely. It's important that you stay in the home and remain involved in their life if you want to retain custody.

Not Being Honest With Your Lawyer

It is important that you are completely honest with your lawyer during the divorce process. Sometimes people try to hide crucial information from their attorney, causing their attorney to be caught off guard with information later in the divorce process. For example, some people try to hide assets because they do not want them to be split during the divorce. Giving your lawyer all the information they need to know up front will help give you the best chance of having a favorable judgment in divorce court. 

Neglecting Your Children

If you are looking to seek custody, now it is more important than ever to be with your children. It can be tough co-parenting with someone you will be divorcing in the near future, but the time you put in now with your children will be the most recent examples that are used against you when determining custody.

Make sure that you are involved in helping your child with homework, do fun activities with them, and even take them to the doctor. You may be surprised to learn that doctors can keep track of which parent was at a doctor's appointment, and you may be caught off guard when that information is used against you later. 

For more advice, work with a local divorce law attorney

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