What To Bring To Your First Appointment With A Social Security Disabiliy Attorney

A disability can majorly impact your life, possibly making it impossible to work. If you are planning to apply for social security disability, a consultation with an attorney is a wise first step. The following are a few things you should bring to this initial meeting.

Your Work History

You will have to show that you are unable to hold down regular employment due to your disability. You can help the attorney develop this part of your case by bringing in the documentation of your work history since you first became aware of the disability. This documentation should include every job you have held and your reasons for leaving. If you do not have this documentation, contact the human resources departments of previous employers and request a copy.

Medical Records

The medical records arguably provide the clearest evidence of your disability. Collect a copy of your records going back to when you first noticed the condition, even if it wasn't properly diagnosed initially. A record of doctor and specialist visits, therapies, and both out- and inpatient treatments create a record showing the condition is ongoing and chronic -- requirements for long-term disability claims. Also, bring in your doctor and specialists contact information, as well as prescribed medication and treatment list.

Prior Application Details

If you have applied for social security disability in the past and were denied, your attorney will need to see a record of both the denial and the initial application. This is because you may need to appeal the decision instead of applying again. If the appeal period is closed and you must reapply, your attorney will use your prior application as a starting point for helping you to fill out a new one. The key is not to contradict anything that was stated in the initial application, unless you have a record, such as a new diagnosis, that directly impacts the information on the initial application.

Treatment Journal

A treatment and pain journal can be a powerful tool, particularly if you will be appealing a disability denial. Ideally, you'll have started the journal as soon as you became aware of your disability, but if you didn't, it is not too late to start. Include a daily log detailing pain and discomfort levels, as well as any specific situations where your disability impacted your daily life. For example, if you were unable to complete necessary work duties due to severe pain, make sure you detail what duty it was that caused the pain to occur.

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