Planning Your Estate? Two Reasons To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney

Part of laying out final wishes involves planning your estate. Estate planning is very important because you want your assets to be given to the right people. Setting up an estate is actually a great act of love because it makes it so much easier for your beneficiaries to understand how you want your wealth to be divided. If you are thinking about planning your estate but are a little unsure about how to go about the process, consulting with an estate planning lawyer can definitely help get you on the right path.

Attorneys Find Ways To Minimize Taxes

You may think that once you leave the planet you no longer have to worry about taxes, but the opposite is actually true. Some people get a sizable portion of their assets seized upon death for tax purposes. If you fail to take this into account you could be setting your beneficiaries up for major disappointment.

There are ways to minimize your tax responsibilities so that more of your estate is left to the ones you cherish. Estate planning attorneys know about legal loopholes you can use so that your assets aren't taxed to the hilt.

For example, a lawyer might advise you to set up a trust in the name of your partner or children. This is just one commonly used technique but there are many more. You need the expertise of a skilled attorney who can look at your unique situation and offer valuable advice to protect what you've worked so hard to build.

Set Up A Legal Power Of Attorney

Estate planning attorneys are also great because they can help you set up a power of attorney (POA.) This goes for the traditional power of attorney, as well as other types, such as Special POA, Healthcare POA, Durable POA, and many more.

POA is actually much more important than you may think. What if you are in an accident and aren't able to move or speak? Do you have a person in place who will convey your wishes on your behalf? The POA allows you to legally document the individual that you trust enough to speak for you. Your lawyer will draw up the forms to make this happen.

Working with an estate planning attorney makes the entire process a lot smoother. Reach out to one of these skilled lawyers and let them guide you through each step.

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