Protect Your Right To Fair Compensation After A Car Accident By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Consulting with a car accident lawyer after being injured in an accident is one of the most beneficial actions you can take after an accident. However, you may find that even the most qualified lawyer is unable to assist with your case if you fall victim to one of the common mistakes discussed below. This is because the law regarding your right to collect compensation for your injuries can inhibit an attorney's legal right to seek compensation on your behalf if you make one of these all too common mistakes. 

Admitting Liability

People often experience some rather strong emotions after being involved in a car accident. One of these emotions is often a feeling of regret or sympathy. This is especially common if someone in the other vehicle is injured as the result of the accident. Consequently, it is quite common for individuals to offer an apology to the other driver, even if they are not truly at fault for causing the accident. The problem with this is that apologizing to the other driver can legally be interpreted as you admitting liability. This type of admission can be used by the insurance company to dispute their liability and to deny your claim for compensation. This is why it is so important to avoid making any type of statement after being in an accident. Instead, simply provide law enforcement with your contact and insurance information and inform them that you plan to contact a car accident attorney and wish to refrain from making any statement until after you have had the chance to do so.

Accepting Payment

Perhaps the most common of all mistakes that people make after being injured in a car accident is accepting a small settlement either directly from the other driver or through the insurance company. After realizing that this payment does not cover all of their out-of-pocket expenses, these individuals may wish to hire a car accident lawyer to try and seek additional compensation. Unfortunately, the law prohibits you from collecting any additional money in this situation. 

While it is understandable to want to settle your claim as quickly as possible, especially if you have incurred any out-of-pocket expenses or have found yourself without income due to an inability to work directly following your accident, it is important that you do not accept payment in any form. Even a very small payment can void your legal right to collect any additional compensation for your injuries. Consequently, you should never take any money or other form of payment in your case unless you are absolutely sure that you are satisfied that this amount is sufficient to cover the value of your claim. The best way to establish this is to consult with a car accident lawyer before accepting any settlement offer.

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