Hiring Auto Accident Insurance Lawyers: 3 Facts You Should Know

If you have suffered injuries in an auto accident, you have probably begun to consider whether or not you should reach out to an auto accident insurance lawyer for help with your case. If you are struggling to decide your need for legal counsel, there are a few facts that you should know. Taking the time to review these facts can help to ease any anxiety you may be feeling and ultimately ensure that you get the legal help you need to successfully collect the compensation you deserve. 

Fact #1: Hiring An Auto Accident Insurance Lawyer Will No Affect Your Property Damage Claim

If you are worried about your ability to settle your property damage claim quickly if you choose to hire a lawyer, there is nothing to worry about. This is because insurance companies handle property damage and personal injury claims separately even if both of these claims are the result of the same accident. What this means is that you can collect compensation for the damage to your vehicle without negatively impacting your ability to pursue additional compensation for your injuries. This allows you to handle your property damage claim quickly while relying on an auto accident lawyer to handle your personal injury claim. 

Fact #2: You Do Not Need To Have Money Upfront To Hire An Accident Lawyer

Another concern that many people have is that they will not be able to cover the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent them. If you share this concern, you should know that there is no need to have any money upfront when hiring an auto accident insurance lawyer. This type of attorney does not collect an upfront fee. Instead, these lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that their right to collect a fee for their services is contingent upon them winning your case. When the lawyer successfully wins your case, their fee is then paid using a percentage of the settlement funds they were able to secure for you. 

Fact #3: You Do Have A Limited Amount Of Time To Hire An Auto Accident Insurance Lawyer

While you absolutely have the legal right to seek out the services of a lawyer to represent you, there is a time limit associated with your right to file a personal injury lawsuit. If this time limit is allowed to expire, not even the best lawyer in the world will be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf. That is why you must act quickly if you want to preserve all of your legal rights to collect compensation for your injuries. 

Speak to an auto accident insurance lawyer to learn more.

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