What An Employment Attorney Can Do To Help Protect Your Rights

At some point during your working years, you may need to hire an employment attorney to help you sort out certain legal issues. An employment attorney can represent you if you believe that you were wronged by your employer or coworkers on the job, and your lawyer may be able to get you compensation. An employment attorney can help you manage the following legal challenges.

Determine if Discrimination Occurred

If you believe that you were discriminated against because of your race, sex, religion, or other factors, your employer or coworkers may be in violation of the law. You shouldn't have to endure unfair treatment on the job, and an employment attorney will do everything possible to help you protect your rights. In addition to being discriminated against while you're working, you could take legal action if you feel that you weren't hired for a particular job because the employer discriminated against you unjustly.

Review a Sexual Harassment Claim

Sexual harassment often involves inappropriate comments, unwanted touching, and other acts of a sexual nature that occur in the workplace. Any instances of sexual harassment should be brought to an employer's attention, or you may need to go to your employer's boss with a claim if your direct supervisor is the one who engaged in the sexual harassment or your boss isn't taking your claim seriously. Your employment lawyer can also help you gather evidence to build a case that will be presented in court so that a judge can render a final decision if the matter can't be settled out of court. 

Dispute Unfair Wages

You deserve to be paid fairly for your work, and an employment lawyer can try to get you the money that you're owed if you've been underpaid. Underpayment can occur if an employer decides to pay less than the agreed-upon hourly rate or if you weren't paid for all the hours you worked. You may also choose to file a lawsuit against your employer if you weren't paid any bonuses, commission, vacation pay, or sick pay that you're owed.

Contest Wrongful Termination

An employer can fire an employee for a variety of reasons, and this is especially true if the employer and employee have entered into an at-will employment agreement. Even with this agreement, an employer still doesn't have a right to fire you because of unfair discrimination. If you believe that you were let go from your position unjustly, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible to get sound legal advice and find out if you have a case.

The workplace is supposed to be a safe and fair environment for everyone, but not every employment situation turns out that way in the real world. Contact an employment lawyer who can help you weigh your legal options and represent you in and out of court.

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